Our new facility will allow us to better serve our customers, get our boats out faster and continue growing our company. We look forward to seeing you when you pick up your new vessel!
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Since building our very first boat in the garage, we have experienced significant growth over the years. An issue that we have continued to run into is out growing our facility. From our humble beginnings in our first official shop, it seemed that every time we moved our location, we would find ourselves needing more room within months. After several moves, we have finally found a home and we couldn't be happier about it.

Our new facility will allow us to actually grow into it as opposed to quickly outgrowing it. This massive new facility gave us an amazing opportunity to optimize our production process and strategically stage each department effectively so that a new build flows through like fish swimming down stream.

When you take delivery of your new vessel, we would love to show you around our new facility! We are very proud the company that we have built and enjoy showing it off to our awesome customers!

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1550A Youngs Rd
Morgan City, Louisiana 70380


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