Inboard Mud Boats

The Latest Edition To The Uncle J Line Of Boats

Our customers asked and we listened! Introducing the latest edition to the Uncle J line, Inboard Mud Boats.

When we were asked to take our famous Uncle J flat bottom hull design and apply it to an inboard mud boat, our obvious answer was “Challenge Accepted!”

The new 16 x 44 mud boats feature a 40hp inboard air cooled engine and 1.5-1 drive shaft configuration. The air cooled engine allows the engine to continue to run through the thick mud and vegetation without the risk of overheating. The direct drive shaft will spin a larger wheel, creating enough torque to hit a cruising speed of 25mph.

Starting At $24,000.00

Our inboard mud boat is currently available as pictured below.

General Mud Boat Specs

  • 16 x 44 Hull Size
  • 40 Hp Engine
  • Direct Drive
  • Center Console

Mud Boats Photo Gallery